Frequently Asked Questions:


SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND: The more specific the request (time sensitive, multiple days, continuity of care, age of caregiver, specialty care, etc), the more limited our availability, which is limited to the quantity of excellent providers on island. We will not compromise the quality of care, in order to accommodate more business. We do suggest at least 48/+ hours for a single request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about COVID?

As we explore recommencing services, our policies will be adapting to evolve with the protection against any potential for reintroduction of the virus. We are diligently following all suggested measures by the Center of Disease Control and the World Health Organization to ensure caregivers and families are implementing safe health practices. Our isolated population on island has been a safe haven due to the strict adherence of said recommendations. For more information and resources, please visit our COVID page.

Q: Why is our agency so cautious?

We were fortunate to experience a low cases at the beginning of the pandemic. Upon reopening travel to our island, allowing for an alternate to quarantine, we experienced a sharp spike of positive cases. Our caregivers come from a multitude of backgrounds and family settings; some concurrently working with multiple families, others having immuno-compromised family members at home and many more who feel a duty to their community of practicing these safe health standards. Our caution is not just for us, but for your family too! We hope you can understand the tenuous nature of our position.

Q: Are caregivers required to be vaccinated? 

No. We do not require vaccinations to represent caregivers. As COVID and vaccines can be heavily polarizing subjects, we only match families with caregivers sharing similar practices.

Q: Are families required to be vaccinated? 

No. We are equal opportunity providers and do not discriminate. Bookings will be dependent upon available caregivers with similar practices. We will do our very best to facilitate a complementary match, but not at any risk of safety.

Q: Can you tell me your availability before I book?

We do not keep a master calendar of availability since our sitters have other jobs, commitments and family time scheduled. However, please tell us when you’re in need of childcare and we will try our best to find an available sitter. Booking ahead of time makes finding the exact dates and times you’re looking for more likely.

Q: Can we get the same sitter for multiple days?

Continuity of care is our goal! We encourage booking in advance to ensure maximum availability and match you with the best fit!

Q: Can I choose the sitter?

Leave it to us, as we are great at what we do! As a reputable agency, one of our areas of expertise is matchmaking. We know our sitters well, and as we build your comprehensive family profile, we get to know you too. This allows us to do to match your family accordingly. Please let us know any special requests upon booking so that we may do our best to accommodate.

Q: Where can I read or write a review?

We love when families are able to share their personal experience. Reviews on Yelp! are not regulated by our agency, therefore, they most accurately represent the genuine sentiments of each parent. We value transparent and honest feedback, therefore, we do not have reviews on our site (which we would be able to manage and edit). Please see more here!

Q: What ages are your sitters comfortable with?

Our sitters are experienced with a wide ranges of ages from newborns to preteens. However, I have a group that I consider my “baby/toddler specialist” who are particularly experienced with the youngest kiddos and love spending time with them! If you’re looking to book a specialist, please make your reservation in advance.

Q: Can the sitters take our kids swimming?

Swimming can be a wonderful way to spend the time, however safety is always our number one priority! If you would like to give your children permission to swim, please make sure to indicate so on the waiver. However, all activities are always negotiated between sitters and the family.

Q: Can the sitters drive my kids?

No, sitters do not drive children. We are able to assist in procuring a car service for off-site activities, should you request. They can also take a shuttle, bus, or walk to destinations.

Q: Do sitters accept Venmo or Apple Pay?

Yes, some do. While it has been a time honored tradition, (since we were all kids) to be paid in cash for babysitting, some of the sitters are now accepting electronic payments. Please clarify their acceptable forms of payment upon contact.

Q: What about gratuity?

As with any service, gratuity is not included, never expected, but always appreciated! Most families provide a 20-30% tip to their sitters. Hopefully it is a reflection of the outstanding experience we have provided!

  • If your sitter has provided your family with excellent service or gone out of her way to be helpful, then an extra gratuity is a lovely way to thank them!
  • If you’d like to tip our reservation team for going above and beyond , please let us know in advance and we can include it in your total balance!

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