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Kauai Babysitting Rates

1 Kid

Starts at
  • $9/hr Agency Fee on credit card

  • $16/hr Babysitter in cash

  • Sitter must be paid at time of service

2 Kids

Starts at
  • $9/hr Agency fee on credit card

  • $18/hr Babysitter in cash

  • Sitter must be paid at time of service

3 Kids

Starts at
  • $9/hr Agency fee on credit card

  • $21/hr Babysitter in cash

  • Sitter must be paid at time of service

Specialized Services

  • Two siblings under 3 yrs old
  • Children with special needs
  • Specialize services
  • Holiday rates
  • 4+ children


Families must pay sitters cash at time of service.

The agency fee of $9/hr will be billed to your credit card.

We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice (within business hours of 9am to 5pm Hawaii time) for individual sits or credit card is charged minimum booking. For multiple sits with three or more bookings, 2 weeks’ notice or credit card is charged minimum booking for half of the sits cancelled.  Also, as we are not nurses, we cannot be responsible for sick and/or contagious children and must be notified outside of our cancellation policy to avoid charges.

Book a Sitter Now. Call: 808.652.5373


Please contact us for rates on weddings, corporate retreats and travel nanny packages during July, August and Winter holidays.


4 hour minimum days

3 hour min. evenings

(after 4pm)


Weekly scheduled childcare needed for two months+:

Agency fee: 30% of sitter’s fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you tell me your availability before I book?

A: We don’t keep a master calendar of availability since our sitters have other jobs, commitments and family time scheduled. However, please tell us when you’re in need of childcare and we will try our best to find an available sitter. Booking ahead of time makes finding the exact dates and times you’re looking for more likely.

Q: Can your sitters drive the children in personal vehicles?

A: No, your sitters cannot drive children in their personal vehicles. They can take a shuttle, bus or walk to destinations.

Q: What ages are your sitters comfortable with?

A: Our sitters are experienced with a wide ranges of ages from newborns to preteens. However, I have a group that I consider my “baby/toddler specialist” who are particularly experienced with the youngest kiddos and love spending time with them. If you’re looking to book a specialist, please make your reservation in advance.

Q: What about gratuity?

A: Gratuity is always appreciated and never required! If your sitter has provided your family with excellent service, gone out of her way to be helpful, had an early morning, late night or long day then an extra gratuity is a lovely way to thank her. Most families provide a 10-25% tip to their sitters.

Q: Can you sitters take our kids swimming?

A: Swimming can be a wonderful way to spend the time, however safety is always our number one priority! If you would like to give your children permission to swim, please make sure to indicate so on the waiver. However, all activities are always negotiated between sitters and the family.

Q: What do your sitters do with the children?

A: All sitters are experienced, creative and fun! Each sitter brings a few age appropriate toys and games to the sit and they love exploring the grounds, enjoying Kauai’s natural beauty and making sure the kids are active and engaged!