Rates & Availability

AUGUST & SEPTEMBER: Given the high volume of families trying to squeeze in the last of summer, please allow 48h/+ per request.

Sitters’ rates for LABOR DAY, Mon 09/02, is time/half.

All rates & availability are dependent upon the level of care required.



1 Kid

Starting at


  • $10/hr Agency Fee on CC
  • $16/hr Babysitter in cash
  • Sitter must be paid at time of service

2 Kids

Starting at


  • $10/hr Agency Fee on CC
  • $20/hr Babysitter in cash
  • Sitter must be paid at time of service

3 Kids

Starting at


  • $10/hr Agency Fee on CC
  • $23/hr Babysitter in cash
  • Sitter must be paid at time of service

Please call us to share more about your kids and we can give you a quote!


Specialized Services

  • Multiple Children under 4y old
  • Children with Special Needs
  • 4+ Children
  • Multiple Families
  • Infants 6 months and younger
  • Family Helper: an extra set of hands to spend time with the family all together!

Holidays and Rates

  • New Year’s Day 01/01/20: Double Time
  • Valentine’s Day 02/14: Time/Half
  • Easter Sun 04/12/20: Time/Half
  • Memorial Day Mon 05/25/20: Time/Half
  • Mother’s Day Sun 05/10/20: Double Time
  • 4th of July!  Thu 07/04/20: Double Time
  • Labor Day Mon 09/02/19: Time/Half
  • Thanksgiving: Thu 11/28/19: Double Time
  • Christmas Eve Thu 12/24/19: Time/Half
  • Christmas Day Fri 12/25/19: Double Time
  • New Year’s Eve Thu 12/31/19: Double time

Additional Sitter Fees

(There are additional fees that can incur, depending on the request. These are paid directly to the sitter, with their hourly fee.)

    • Early Morning Fee (prior to 8am): Flat $25
    • Late Night Fee (later than 11pm): Flat $25
    • Driving Fee (multiple locations): Flat $25
    • Overtime (8+ hrs): $ Time // Half
    • Extended Time (12+ hrs): $ Double Time


Families must pay sitters cash at the time of service. The agency fee balance (plus 4.72% tax) will be billed to the credit card upon completion.

Premium Services

Our Bespoke Babysitting services are 100% personally tailored to you! We understand no child is exactly the same and hope we can provide the personalized services you deserve. Please contact us for staffing and facilitating group events, weddings, corporate retreats, travel nanny packages and so much more!

Long Term Childcare

Weekly scheduled childcare needed for two months and longer have a lowered agency fee of 30% of sitter’s fee.




SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND: The more specific the request (time sensitive, multiple days, continuity of care, age of caregiver, specialty care, etc), the more limited our availability. Pre-arrival booking is suggested.

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