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SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND: The more specific the request (time sensitive, multiple days, continuity of care, age of caregiver, specialty care, etc), the more limited our availability, which is limited to the quantity of excellent providers on island. We will not compromise the quality of care, in order to accommodate more business. We do suggest at least 48/+ hours for a single request.


Planning travel whilst juggling everyday life (especially if you have little ones) is difficult. As a former concierge, Michelle, the owner, was able to have first hand experience with all the tours, sights and destinations on island. Hopefully, some of this general info and family friendly favorites she learned will help highlight a few of the awe inspiring experiences, things to do, places to go, food to savor and things to bring home while you’re on Kauai!


  • The variety and diversity of tour companies offering similar experiences can make it challenging to choose the “right one.” Concierge services are AMAZING- and free to the consumer! All you have to do is tell them about who’s traveling and what’s on your wishlist. They work with the vendors to do the rest! If you’re staying at a hotel, utilize your in-house concierge. If you don’t have access to one, please note as such in your inquiry, so we can introduce you to one in your area.
    • TIMING: Most tours/activities have a check-in time appx 30-45 min before their actual tour time. Please double confirm your check-in time and location to allocate for the appropriate sitter arrival time (don’t forget to add in the 15 minute overlap for transition).
    • TRAFFIC: We have ONE “highway” (main road) around 3/4 of the island. Traffic through Kapaa town and Lihue can delay a commute 20-45 mins. Though you may be on vacation, the residents of Kauai have daily jobs. Click here more about roadwork, contraflow (during AM rush hour) and road safety.
    • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Private transportation is highly recommended. Ride share apps are not yet abundantly available on Kauai. Expect wait times of up to 45-60 mins, or n/a certain times of day and more remote locations. Public transportation is run with aloha (which can sometimes be “island time”). Our public transportation is the Kauai bus.


  • Nature is powerful! Please use caution when entering any water. Our currents are STRONG. Kauai boasts the most mileage of sand covered beaches, many of them remote (enticing, I know!). Of the 84 mile coast, circumnavigating our island, only TEN beaches are lifeguarded. “If in doubt, don’t go out.” See more about ocean safety.
    • REEF CONSERVATION: While snorkeling or swimming at one of our beautiful beaches, something as small as standing on the reef may seem innocuous to some, but detrimental to the fragile ecosystem. These acts can greatly impact the longevity of what we love!
    • SUN & REEF SAFETY: Being near the equator means being closer to the sun. The sunburn struggle is real, but lather up with respect! For your health and the natural habitat, read more about safe sunscreens.


  • A large attraction of Hawai’i is our ecosystem, comprised of exotic flora and fauna. Unfortunately, we have the highest number of listed threatened and endangered species in the nation. There are 437 threatened and endangered species in the State of Hawai’i.
    • PROTECTED ANIMALS: As tempting as it may be to interact with the cute little sea turtle from Finding Nemo, or cuddle the statuesque + squishy looking Hawaiian Monk Seal on the sand, REFRAIN YOURSELF! Not only may it disturb or harm the animal, but under the federal Endangered Species Act, the penalty includes a fine of up to $50,000 and five years in prison. If you see an injured or entangled animal, do not approach it, instead call 888-256-9840.
    • NAPPING ANIMALS: It is recommend to stay 20 feet from turtles, 50 feet from monk seals, and 150 feet from monk seal mom/pup pairs. If you see a seal on the beach, please call NOAA Fisheries Monk Seal Hotline (808) 651-7668 or email They will send a volunteer who can inform and educate the spectators.
    • MEMENTOS: “Pele’s Curse” is the belief that anything natively Hawaiian, such as sand, rock, or pumice (lava), will effect bad luck on whoever takes it away from Hawaii. Just ask the countless tourists who send these back in order to escape the awful luck that Pele has caused them. Moral of the story: please appreciate nature where it is.

KAUAIS INFAMOUS NAPALI COAST STATE PARK: the most magnificent 17 miles of untouched, pristine perfection. Best for: sightseeing and hiking.* After the flood of 2018, Kauai experienced a much needed break on our North Shore while roads, homes and natural habitats were being rebuilt. During this time, the NaPali Coast replenished what our heavy human usage has degraded. The Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources has worked to continue protecting this legendary wonder. As a National Park, it now *requires permits for park entry. If you’re planning on accessing the beach at Ke’e or hike a portion of the Kalalau Trail, to Hanakapiai Beach or Falls, please be sure to get your hiking or parking permit *here in advance. Please note: this trail is NOT for beginner or novice hikers! There is NO cell phone reception and medical/emergency services are not easily accessible.






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Note: any links to external organizations are provided for informational purposes. Kauai Babysitting Co does not take responsibility for anything on any other website. Please do your research and gain knowledge on safe and responsible travel.

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