Our services are executed with the utmost professionalism. Caregivers arrive on time and prepared! Each of the ladies holds a dynamic schedule and lifestyle. In respect to booking your caregiver, it is important to honor the time they commit to your families. Please see our policies regarding changes, cancellations or reduction in booked service hours.


COVID-19: In this time of crisis and uncertainty, we are accepting requests, but diligently taking all suggested measures to ensure caregivers and families are implementing safe health practices. Given the intimacy of childcare, we are committed to the safety of our island community and visitors! Our isolated population has been a safe haven due to the strict adherence of CDC and WHO recommendations. For any practice disregarded, by either party, services may discontinue at the time of violation.

Please see our page “COVID on Kauai” for more content and links in relation to services, travel and Kauai.

STRICT Change  x Cancellation Policy

 We welcome scheduling additional times and bookings directly with your sitter, contingent upon their availability. To cancel, change or reduce hours of  individual services booked, we implement a strict 24 hour notice (within business hours of 9am to 5pm Hawaii time) or payments are due in full. For a reduction of services where 3/+ bookings are reserved, there is a required two week notice or payments will be due for 1/2 of the changed/cancelled hours; for notice within one week, payments are due for the full change/cancelled hours.

Holiday Change x Cancellations

Holiday bookings of 3/+, we do require notice outside of three weeks to the start of your reservation, or payments are due for 1/2 of the change/cancelled hours; for notice within 10 days, payments are due for the full change/cancelled hours. For individual Holiday bookings, one week’s notice or payments are due in full. Please see a schedule of our Holidays ​here.

Additional Care Policy

Though they are amazing providers, talented, warm and engaging, the caregivers are not contracted as nurses or specialists. They cannot be responsible for sick and/or contagious children and we must be notified outside of the corresponding cancellation window to avoid charges. If your child presents as requiring more care/comfort than disclosed, you will be billed the entire sit and must return ASAP. If sitter must stay with child, due to circumstances prohibiting your return, their rate is automatically DOUBLE.


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