COVID on Kauai

COVID on Kauai:

In this time of global crisis and uncertainty, we are diligently following all suggested measures by the Center of Disease Control and the World Health Organization to ensure caregivers and families are implementing safe health practices. Our isolated population on island has been a safe haven due to the strict adherence of said recommendations. As we explore reopening our shores to welcome visitors, our policies will be adapting to evolve with the protection of any potential for reintroduction of the virus. For any practice disregarded, by either party, caregiver or family, services may discontinue at the time of violation.

Real quality childcare is personalized and some littles require more hands-on service. Cuddles, hugs, tickles, high fives, game playing game, fixing meals… regardless of how, it is irrefutable that this intimacy of care heightens probability of contagion. Given the virus can be readily spread through acts, such as those aforementioned, we are committed to best practices to protect our island community and visitors!

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